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    Open Division
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New Players

The Greater Seattle Soccer League is open to anyone of any age, although it consists primarily of adult men's teams (but no restriction on women playing on men's teams).  All nationalities, backgrounds, and levels of skill are equally welcome.  With as many as 20 skill divisions in four age groups, we can find a place for almost anyone to play.  Only an express lack of respect for the other members of the league, or for the game of soccer, will disqualify anyone from membership.

All players in the GSSL must be members of the GSSL.  Joining the GSSL consists of getting a membership card which is renewable annually or bi-annually.  The current fee is $28.00 for one year and $44.00 for two years.  Players that are current members of the GSSL will be given priority over those without membership cards.  The membership cards are picture identification cards prepared at the league office.  They can be taken in person at the office, or by mail.  The membership cards are used for player control.  You must present the card to the referee before you are eligible to play in any match.  If you are ejected from a match, the referee retains your membership card until whatever penalty for the ejection is served.

Throughout the course of the year, we offer new team formation sessions where new players of roughly equivalent skill and age levels get together to form a new team.
If you have expressed interest in joining the GSSL and haven't yet found a team, or if you want to change teams, you will be invited to one of these session when they are scheduled.  If you are interested, please send us an email with your name, age and contact information to

Divisions Ages Day of the week they play on
1   2   3    4 All Ages SUNDAYS
AA  BB  CC  DD 30 and over MONDAYS
E1  E2  E3 50 and over MONDAYS
SA   SB   SC    40 and over WEDNESDAYS
T1  T2 55 and over THURSDAYS