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Division: Currently 040 D3, vying for D2. Played in each division at one time or another.

Manager: Jason Woycke, Jack Sommerville, and Blair Deweese (original manager was Rob McAllister)

GSSL: How was your team formed, and how long has it been in the GSSL?
Woycke: It all started at West Seattle Sunday Soccer (pickup soccer at Delridge fields) in 2011. A group of us young 40 year olds decided to form a team. Many of the guys were coaches for the West Seattle Soccer Club. The experience on that first team varied greatly though, from players that had played college soccer to players that had never played on a soccer team in their life.

GSSL: How did you name your team?
Woycke:The soon-to-be team manager at the time, Rob McAllister, came up with our original name West Seattle Suns. Our team color was orange. Didn't have a color conflict that year. We've gone on to be called A Terrible Beauty, Elliott Bay Brewing FC, and Prost! West Seattle FC as we've changed sponsors.

GSSL: Does your team have any main rivals?
Woycke:Over the years George & Dragon Pub FC has been our greatest rival. They seem to have grown on us lately though.

GSSL: Why do you choose to play in the GSSL?
Woycke:The GSSL is a great product. We love the fields and Wednesday nights. We usually get half the games in or near West Seattle. The competition is good. Most of the referees are quality and it's very rare that one won't show up. The refs and the GSSL make sure the games are safe for the players. And the GSSL staff are helpful and friendly.

GSSL: What are your goals as a team?
Woycke:To continue playing into our 50s. We'd also like to continue to be competitive. We've played every division including 1st division (2014). Currently we're trying to win D3 and move to D2.

GSSL: The best thing about playing for your team?
Woycke:The friendships that we've made. This team has become family.

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