UPDATE: This program will be continued in 2018 - with a limit of 10 AED refunds for teams that take part in this program.

In our 2016 Member Survey, 82% of you favored the idea of a defibrillator (AED) available on the field to provide first aid to anyone suffering from a heart attack.  
To support your request, the GSSL board has authorized $4000 from our general fund to support teams that want to purchase a team defibrillator for their games.  
This program is effective 8/1/2016 and will provide a $400 refund on team fees the following season for the first 10 teams that submit proof of purchase for an AED device ($1200 on Amazon) purchased after 8/1/2016. 

To qualify for the refund, you need to notify the GSSL office of your purchase with a copy of your purchase confirmation and write “AED” in red on each of your team rosters in the future (AED roster). Once the device is confirmed by a game referee, then you will receive the refund for your team registration fees.  
If you want to assure you will receive the refund, please call the office in advance of the purchase to confirm we have not yet reached the 10 refund limit.

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